James Harden caused a stir on Christmas Day with his ultra-jazzy outfit. Dressing up for Christmas is a beloved tradition for millions of people around the world, but NBA stars take it to the next level. His multicolor Marni jacket cost $6,700, and the shoes came in at $825. But the most eye-catching item was the Louis Vuitton handbag, priced at a staggering $42,500. Many criticized Harden's choice of attire, calling it over-the-top and even ridiculous. It's not every day you see a professional athlete wearing a multicolor Marni jacket and carrying a $42K handbag. Despite the criticism, Harden seemed unfazed. He even posted a picture of himself on social media, captioned "Merry Christmas from me and my Marni's." Harden has a unique sense of style and isn't afraid to push boundaries with his fashion choices. His Christmas Day outfit may not be to everyone's taste, but it's clear he has a confident and bold approach.