Twitch has blocked the channel of popular streamer Kai Cenat, issuing a ban on April 17th. Earlier rumors circulated online about Kai's possible move to Kick, Twitch's rival platform. The reason for the ban is unknown, but some fans have suggested that Twitch may have banned the streamer due to an incident that happened a few days ago. Kai Cenat was riding a motorcycle and drove into his table from which the stream was being broadcast. Twitch may have assessed the incident as "causing harm to health". Earlier, JinnyTTY received a ban for a similar incident involving riding a scooter. Kick recently gifted Kai with a pair of Off-White x Nike Air Forces sneakers, specially designed by Virgil Abloh for the Brooklyn museum's security staff (btw, you can buy this kicks on resale platforms for $1450). This was seen as a prank on Twitch, as the platform also gave Kai their custom sneakers after his record-breaking sabathon. In 2023, Kai Cenat was named Streamer of the Year by The Streamer Awards.