ISCARIOT 12 Founded by Ismael Silva, born and raised in the south of Madrid, Iscariot 12 came into existence in 2018 as a result of the need of fresh projects in Spanish streetwear, specially led by young black creatives. Every piece is curated and released individually or in small capsules. In our compilation it is represented by Oversized Sand Sweater wearing by Cruz Cafune - it sells for $99 ZAMARI Zamari is a high fashion streetwear brand founded by Caleb Dixon. “Zamari is a attitude, it’s a way of living that brings everybody together by sharing the same cloth. Unity is stronger than individuality. By any means necessary never settle for less!” - that what they write about themselves. In our compilation it is represented by Leather Button-Up Shirt wearing by Jacquees - the price is $300 LIVE2LOVE Brand’s creative director defines their style as ‘luxury streetwear’ as brand combines luxury and street style in their designs. He says, that love is a lifestyle - that why he called his brand like this. In our compilation it is represented by Denim Logo Vest wearing by NBA Youngboy - you can buy it for $80 DOGANCI Doganci is a Swedish clothing brand, that started with creating exclusive 1:1 pieces. Uniqueness maintains being #1 priority for them - which is why despite the market norms, Doganci produces just a limited number of pieces which increases their value and highlights them among other brands. In our compilation it is represented by Red Logo Shirt wearing by Lil Tjay - and it costs $543 HUBANE Hubane is a fashion label that sells exclusive handmade garments designed by Israel Yanir. A brand that embraces the past, future and present in an avant-guarde manner. In our compilation it is represented by Vernum Texla Glasses wearing by Trippie Redd - it sells for $500